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Pivot Point Calculator

Hidden Pivot Point Calculator

There are very few forex trading platforms with hidden pivot point calculators. These forex platforms are good because the pivot points are added to your charts just like any other technical indicator. My forex broker's pivot point calcutor is hidden in the chart package which comes free. If you want to calculate pivots based on 8 hours or 4 hours chart, you can also do this and the pivot points are added to your charts automatically. With the manual pivot point calculator, you will have to individually feed in the numbers of close, open, high and low to generate the pivot points. In my opinion very hectic. So find a charting package that include hidden pivot point calculator. This will enable you to do your analysis easily in preparation for your daily trades.

Effective Forex Pivot Point Trading System

Here is a simple video explanation of a simple yet effective forex pivot point trading system. It will be wise to listen in carefully. If it means listen over and over again until you get it, let it be so. Just do it. It will help you in the long run. This Pivot Point Video .explains the simple use of M1,M2,M3,M4. Go ahead and enjoy the video

Learn how to use the pivot point calculator effectively and use the pivot points effectively for your daily forex trading. Forex Trading Tutorial

You can also continue your studies with the topic Pivot Points
Are you new to forex trading, then I strongly recommend the course Beginning Forex Trader. This course comprised of clearly laid out video and audio designed to take you from A-Z of Forex Trading.You will learn everything you need to know to start trading the Forex the right way.Highly Recommended

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