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Best Forex Broker

*The best forex broker must offer a free forex trading education, with the best forex platform having a good charting package.

The Best Forex Brokers

I have been trading forex since 2005 live. I started my demo trading account in 2002 and have traded with so many different forex brokers. My goal on this site is to bring you the best forex information and on this page the best forex broker.

To trade the forex market successfully you require a good education, the best forex broker and the best forex mentor. There are so many forex brokers. The question is how to you identify a good forex broker? So many forex brokers are market makers and they say so on their websites. That simply means they trade against you the trader. If you take a sell trade, the broker takes the other side of your trade.

If you read forex broker reviews online, you will come across really bad reviews by users. Yes some brokers are really scrupulous, but majority of brokers are involve in honest business. So don't make the mistake of thinking like a victim. If you do, you will never trade successfully. Get your basic forex education right, and you will become a winner more often than you think possible.

The Best Forex Broker Criteria

There are many brokers in the forex market place. How do you find a really good broker from among these endless list of forex brokers?
Let's take a look at the criteria of the best forex brokers.

1. Micro Transactions and low spread You should be able to open a live account with a minimal investment. This can help you learn how to master your emotions with real trading without risking much money. With micro transactions you can be able to place real trades with as little as $2.50 of your own money. As you gain confidence, you can then increase your investments on a step by step basis.
Experienced forex traders 'learned' with smaller amounts and built their way up gradually as they gain trading confidence.

2. Unlimited Demo Account Trading with unlimited demo account can help forex traders trade more consistently, testing every strategy you learn on your demo account before using it on a live account. Trading a demo account for a long time can help you keep track of how well you will perform when you start trading live. With some brokers, you have a limited time of 20 days, but mostly 30 days. Then you open a new demo account. I don't like these brokers.

3. Free Forex Trading Education
Forex trading education is paramount to your forex trading success. A good broker must provide starting traders with a free comprehensive forex education that can at least give you the basics of all you need to trade the forex markets initially. If you are new to forex trading just trade with our recommended forex broker. A good broker will offer education for free, as well as a professional charting package and technical analysis tools.

4. Licensed and Regulated
Licensed and regulated brokers ensures the highest standards in the industry. You can at least know that your funds are safe.

With my 8 years in trading the forex marketing and based on these 4 criteria I have setup this website to bring you the best Forex can offer. Below is one of the best forex broker online today.

Updated: 8th February, 2011

The Best Forex Brokers My First And Only Choice

"eToro Is Still the Best Forex Broker in 2010. Winner of the "2010 Most Innovative Trading Platform" Award "

eToro - Trading Starts Here

Looking to harness the power of financial markets?
Heard about financial trading and want to try it for yourself?

eToro is the place for you. It's a financial trading and investing platform that puts you at the centre of financial markets. With the world's largest community of financial traders, a simplified trading platform and up to $10,000 extra to trade with on your first deposit, you get much more with eToro.

What Can eToro Offer:

  • An outstanding user experience: Never miss your entry price, due to
    market fluctuation.
  • An exclusive social trading network: The eToro OpenBook connects you to one million eToro traders, the world’s largest trading community and lets you see, follow and copy the trades of any trader you choose.
  • Trading education: An exclusive eToro eCourse and learning tools get you from trading zero to pro — fast.
  • Free Practice Trial: Take eToro for a spin – for free – and build your trading skills and experience without risking a cent.
  • Personal Service: Dedicated help and support for every eToro investor.

Open a Free eToro account now!

A Great Trading Experience For Every Investor

With its easy to use platform, exciting trade visualizations and outstanding learning resources, eToro is the perfect platform for a newbie trader who’s looking to discover financial trading. Because eToro offers features specially designed for beginners, like its Visual trading mode and the ability to copy the trades of the best traders through the eToro OpenBook, it enables everyone to start getting the benefit of trading for themselves from day one.

With its great array of professional trading and analysis tools, eToro is also the perfect platform for more experienced traders who want an intuitive and reliable trading platform together with lots of innovative community features. eToro’s regular Trading Challenges enable every user to compete against fellow traders for cash prizes of up to $100,000 per month on top of their regular trading activity. The eToro OpenBook social trading network lets experienced traders interact with each other to share trading tips and insights and find market opportunities.

Currency Trading With eToro

The Forex trading market is the world's most talked about financial market. Millions of people are now trying currency trading for themselves because of the unlimited profit potential it offers together with the freedom to control their investment strategy for themselves. eToro is open for Forex trading 24 hours a day, five and a half days a week for traders from anywhere in the world. It offers competitively low spreads on the trades you make as well as all the leverage you want up to 400x. That's why more people chose eToro for Forex trading than any other company.

Commodities and Indices Trading With eToro

As well as providing outstanding currency trading eToro delivers the best of commodities and indices trading as well. Trade the precious metals Gold and Silver, Oil and popular indices like the Dow Jones, NASDAQ and FTSE 100 straight from the eToro platform. eToro takes the pain out of investing in these asset classes by offering 24 hour trading and simplified trading contracts leaving you free to concentrate on your trading instead of on reading the small print.

Open a Free account
with eToro and join the world's most rewarding trading community.

Are you ready for the best forex has to offer? Then get set for a good ride on this site.

Ready to get going with your forex trading education, then goto Forex Trading Tutorial

Take your forex education seriously. If you don't invest the time to learn and learn well, you will lose a lot of time and money. However, if you invest initially to learn forex trading and get started well prepared, you will avoid lost time and money that most new traders experience.
Are you new to forex trading, then I strongly recommend the course Beginning Forex Trader. This course comprised of clearly laid out video and audio designed to take you from A-Z of Forex Trading.You will learn everything you need to know to start trading the Forex the right way.Highly Recommended

Live Training For The Forex Market

Trade live with traders from around the world in this live trading room. There are videos outlining trade set-ups, pre-market video analysis, end-of-week trade sample video, archived trading examples and more. Start Live Training For The Forex Market Here

Reliable Forex Signals

OmniForex is one of the best reliable forex signal services you can work with. Try it out for 3 days to proof it to yourself. I promise, you will be hooked after those 3 days and you will be glad you did. Try OmniForex Signals Here Almost Free For 3 Days

Candlestick Chart Candlestick Patterns

Candlesticks Forex japanese candlesticks explained by Steve Nison. Steve Nison is really the only one who can teach candlestick the right way. Everyone in the West who has written on candlestick always refers back to Steve Nison. Why not learn candlestick charting directly from the source. For a: Free Introductory Candlestick Chart Training, Click Here

Candlestick Chart Best Forex Book

Bird Watching In Lion Country is a must read forex ebook. In Bird Watching In Lion Country You Will Learn how to make money trading forex by treating it as a business. Without a well thought out business strategy you definitely will be one of those with a diminished bank account. Don't make a mistake to think a system will work without a business plan. Read this book, highly recommended. Download Bird Watching In Lion Country Here
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