#Forex Trading For Beginners and Struggling Traders

#Forex Trading For Beginners and Struggling Traders

If I was just starting forex trading today or I am struggling with consistency what would be my best route?

Well, if you are new to forex trading or you are still struggling, the best route I would be to search for a mentor. Someone who trades for a living and is willing to spend their time mentoring. It is not easy to find people like this.

There are educational companies out there who only teach how to trade, but they mostly do not trade for a living. It is very important to take this into consideration.
While you may start to learn the basics online from videos and from google search, I would like to advise you to avoid forums especially if you are a struggling trader.
If you are completely new and have never traded a day in your life, then mentoring will be very good for you because you are still to learn the bad habits that make 95% of traders to lose money.
This advice will save you time and money if you adhere to it. There is a tutorial here for beginners for you to get started for free.

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