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Analysis on USDCAD 1600 PIPs Trade Setting Up

Category : Technical Analysis

USDCAD setting up for a 1600 PIP move

USDCAD moved down from a high of 1.3792 in May down to a low of 1.2060 in September. Price then pulled back to the 50% Fibonacci level and now has resumed the downward movement for another possible 1600 PIP move to the 161.8 Fibonacci extensions of 1.0985. This could take another 4 to five months to unfold.

This is how the hedge fund makes money.  So long-term trading gives you a high probability to make money from the markets and helps you to avoid the ups and downs in psychology and emotions that most traders face.

Besides, the broker wants you to trade a lot because they end money on your trading volume whether you win or lose.  So you can follow this trade from now with a tight stop just above the 50% Fibonacci price level.  This is a monthly chart. Take your trades off the daily charts if you don’t want to withstand drawdowns. But if you can risk 1% of your account and just allow this trade to run for the next few months. You will be surprised how little you have to do to make money from the markets. You just have to check your charts once a day after you place this trade. I will be checking this trade off the daily, just find possible areas to add to my position as the trade goes in my favor.


Forex signal

Forex Trading Technical Analysis AUDUSD

To earn a consistent monthly income from forex trading is not easy, but you can keep it simple. The only way to do so is your ability to effectively read the charts and anticipate what the markets would do based on clearly stated rules that you can execute flawlessly. Today I am going to show you a trade that I sent out this morning to Pro members of my signal service. At this time of writing, the trade is still unfolding.

So you have been trading for a few months or a few years and yet you have nothing to show for it. Let me help you.

This is especially true when you feel like you’ve already tried everything…

Whatever the case, I know how challenging it can be to develop your trading edge for earning a consistent profit.

Which is why I created my One on One Mentorship training program explaining how you can achieve a consistent daily, weekly and monthly income… while eliminating any guesswork.

Anyway, here is the chart that I shared this morning with my Pro Members.


You can see the charts it is clear there is an inverse head and shoulder. This is one of the most significant reversal patterns that I look for in effectively reading my charts. You can learn how to do this too from my mentorship program. It will totally change the way you read the chart and how you look for trade setups.

USDCAD technical Analysis

Category : Technical Analysis


Technical analysis of USDCAD is revealing some big moves coming in the next few months. Complete technical analysis. A weekly or daily close above 1.3585 will negate this setup.

If you are short term trader which I do not recommend especially for new traders, then look for setups to go short on this pair on intraday charts, like 30 minutes or hourly charts.

My risk is 500 PIPS with a potential reward of 1700 PIPS within 14 Weeks. This is how the big guys make money trading forex without doing any big work. Identify great setups like this and continuously sell the highs.

If you want to learn how I find these trades and which combination of indicators I use and the complete trading plan, then pick up “Proven Forex Trading Money Making Strategy for Beginning and Struggling Traders” here

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