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Forex trading signal: This is a high probability trade set up sent out to my pro members. You have the opportunity to trade it today. It is a long-term trade. So hold your peace, be patient and risk only 1% on any given trade.

PIP gained since June 2017
October we made a profit of 562 PIPS
September we made a profit of 1340 PIPS
August we made a loss of -201 PIPS
July we made a profit of 1004 PIPS
June we made a profit of 1027 PIPS

Don’t miss out on these high probability trade setups.

Pro Signal Now!

EURGBP is ready to move to the downside. The first target expected is .8636 and the second target is .8415. See the weekly chart below. This is still a valid trade. Pro members got in at .8870

Forex Signal

This is the exact email I sent out to pro signal members today. Don’t miss out on these high probability trade setup every week. Join our

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This is an exact email I sent out today to my pro members. Just two trades open, but a new trade for you today, yours free.
Trading Tips
Keep your risk @ 1%. Use the position size calculator below. Don’t be afraid to take losses, they are part of trading. Overcome the fear of loss by risking small percentage and sooner or later your account growth will start compounding.

Open Trades Updates:

EURGBP is now trading @ .8770 HOLD ( move stop loss to .8860)
GBPAUD is now trading @ 1.7255 HOLD (move stop loss to 1.7170)


*********************************************New Trades **************************************
BUY GBPNZD Entry: 1.9220 Initial Stop Loss: 1.9040 Target: 1.9985
(this is a long term trade)

***************************************Open Trades*******************************************
BUY GBPAUD Entry: 1.7150 Initial Stop Loss: 1.7015 Target: 1.7585
(Move stop loss to lock in 20 PIPS @ 1.7170)
SELL EURGBP Entry: 8870 Initial Stop Loss: .9035 Target: 0.8635
(Move stop loss to lock in 10 PIPS @ .8860

*************************************Closed Trades October 2017*************************
Total PIP Gain For October is: 562 PIPS Updated last day of the month
BUY GBPNZD Entry: 1.9010 Exit @ Stop: 1.9150 Profit: 140 PIPS
BUY AUDNZD Entry: 1.0966 Exit @ Stop: 1.1166 Profit: 200 PIPS
BUY SILVER Entry: 16.92 Exit @ Manual: 16.76 Loss 16 PIPS
BUY EURAUD Entry: 1.5048 Exit @ Stop: 1.5248 Profit: 200 PIPS
BUY AUDJPY Entry: 88.30 Exit @ Stop: 87.59 Loss : 89 PIPS
BUY GBPUSD Entry: 1.3255 Exit @ Stop: 1.3115 Loss 140 PIPS
BUY USDJPY Entry: 112.37 Exit @ Stop: 113.43 Loss 106 PIPS
BUY USDCAD Entry: 1.2470 Exit @ Manual: 1.2537 Loss 67 PIPS
BUY EURNZD Entry: 1.6450 Exit @ Stop 1.6650 Profit: 200 PIPS
BUY EURAUD Entry: 1.5065 Exit @ Stop 1.5165 Profit: 100 PIPS
SELL EURJPY Entry: 132.22 Exit @ Manual 132.22 Breakeven 0 PIPS
SELL NZDUSD Entry: 0.7200 Exit @ Stop 0.7060 Profit: 140 PIPS

************************************Closed Trades September 2017*******************
Total PIP Gain For September is: 1340 Updated last day of the month
BUY USDCHF Entry: 0.7925 Exit @ Stop: 0.7905 Profit 20 PIPS
BUY GBPNZD Entry: 1.8580 Exit @ Stop: 1.8380 Loss 200 PIPS
BUY EURJPY Entry: 133.31 Exit @ Stop: 133.41 Profit 10 PIPS
BUY AUDJPY Entry: 88.21 Exit @ Stop: 89.21 Profit 100 PIPS
BUY GBPAUD Entry: 1.6395 Exit @ Stop: 1.6495 Profit 100 PIPS
BUY GBPJPY Entry: 142.51 Exit @ Target: 146.55 Profit 404 PIPS
BUY GOLD Entry: 1286.22 Exit @ Stop :1336.22 Profit 500 PIPS
BUY GBPUSD Entry: 1.2935 Exit @ Target: 1.3215 Profit 280 PIPS
BUY GBPNZD Entry: 1.7839 Exit @ Stop: 1.7960 Profit 120 PIPS
BUY AUDUSD Entry: 0.7964 Exit @ Stop : 0.7970 Profit 6 PIPS

*************************************Closed Trades August 2017**************************
Total PIP Gain For August, 2017 is -201 PIPS

*************************************Closed Trades July 2017******************************
Total PIP Gain For July, 2017 is 1004 PIPS

*************************************Closed Trades June 2017***************************
Total PIP Gain For JUNE, 2017 is 1027 PIPS


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Forex trading is tough however, you can keep is simple and make it work for you and your family. You can start earning while you learn by using our high probability profitable forex signals. We send out signals between 23:00pm and 24:00pm Central European Time. Use the time converter to check your time zone.

Using these signals will allow the time to learn the right way and the right strategy for your trading business. If you treat your trading as a business, and you don’t give up when the going gets tough, you will succeed at last.

I look forward to sharing with you great tips on this block, keep coming back for more valuable information, especially, if you are new to forex and if you are a struggling forex trader.

Keep learning and never give up.

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