Forex Trading Signals

Forex trading is tough however, you can keep is simple and make it work for you and your family. You can start earning while you learn by using our high probability profitable forex signals. We send out signals between 23:00pm and 24:00pm Central European Time. Use the time converter to check your time zone.

Using these signals will allow the time to learn the right way and the right strategy for your trading business. If you treat your trading as a business, and you don’t give up when the going gets tough, you will succeed at last.

I look forward to sharing with you great tips on this block, keep coming back for more valuable information, especially, if you are new to forex and if you are a struggling forex trader.

Keep learning and never give up.


    1. Hey Damion,

      The free signals are sent on two currency pairs EURJPY and USDCAD. These are also sent to the paid members.
      The paid members receive signals and analysis for more than 10 currency pairs, Gold, and Silver.


  1. Dear Carolyn: I read your book after I bought it and did nothing. Just read it again immediately and took notes and I think I understand your method. Ok after the close on friday 8/25/17 I noticed 2 possible signals:
    1. USD/CAD at 1.2535 but it needs to come down within 60 pips 1.2475 (I looked at Price Action and this might be an old signal so I passed) and
    2. EUR/JPY met all ur criteria after I set up charts with ur indicator suggestions and put a demo buy order in at 60 pips above the LWMA 8 with stop.
    Am I missing anything? I will keep re-reading your rules until they are automatic. I appreciate your time to reply to me.

    1. Hello Brad,
      Brilliant. Is not every trade that a trader has to take. You indeed looked at USDCAD chart carefully. You will do well if you continue to examine your charts carefully before taking a trade.
      EUR/JPY trade was a buy limit order, right? If so, then your trade was not triggered on the close of Monday. So let’s see how your trade unfold. There is a resistance level nearby, and earlier on the sentiment was affected by news of North Korea firing some missile over Japan. So hold on to the process, until there is a signal to get out of the trade.

      Focus on the trading process, don’t worry about the outcome of a single trade. After about 100 trades, you will have enough statistics to decide if the strategy is for you or not.

      I will greatly appreciate a review on Amazon website.

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